What is the Whois domain search database?

The WhoIs domain search database lists every domain name currently registered in the world. You can use it to find out the registration status of a particular domain name, such as the owner and IP address. 

ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) requires all accredited registrars to publish the contact information of the domain name registrant, domain creation and expiration dates and other information  in the WhoIs domain search database listing when domain is registered.


Is my information available to the public?

As a domain registrant, your contact information is available to everyone. Publicly available information includes your name, address and phone number used for registering your domain. This is good if you are trying to sell your domain name or increase your visibility, but can result in your name and contact info being collected by a spammer or identity thief.


How do I make my domain contact information private?

Talus Hosting overs Domain Privacy Protection to keep your personal data private and secure. Domain Privacy Protection shields your personal information from the global WhoIs database which keeps it out of the public eye. This is recommended for businesses that want to avoid spam, spoof emails and risk of hacking. 

Contact Talus Hosting today to activate Domain Privacy for your domain.

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